‘No conflict between Assamese and Nagamese literature’

 GUWAHATI, Feb 14 – Acclaimed writer and story teller Dr Easterine Kire today delivered a lecture on ‘Literature and Representation – Opening up of Naga Universe’ at the Department of English, University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM).Dr Kire started her lecture with an assertion that there was no conflict between Assamese literature and Nagamese literature, “rather both are interdependent and lot of Assamese literature had dwelt upon Naga myths, folktales”.

She went on narrating how she was influenced by the oral story telling tradition of the Nagas which was very much akin to the African literary tradition, stating how she owed inspiration from Nigerian writers like Chinua Achebe and Nadine Gordimer.

She added that urged by a dire need to establish Nagamese written literature and to convert the oral tradition of narratives into written literature, she took up the task of reversing the stereotype perception of the Northeast that prevailed in the Indian literary circuit, the image of a strife-ridden Northeast.

“Thus came the first novel A Naga Village Remembered in 2003, followed by A Terrible Matriarchy and then Mari, Bitter Wormwood, When The River Sleeps,” she said.

The discussion was followed by an interaction with the students where different aspects of NE literature were analysed.

Source : http://assamtribune.com