Best modes to travel – The Bombay style

It is said and very strongly believed that the city that has good transportation is a city inching towards development. While at this topic, the Indian city that first comes to mind is, Mumbai.

If you are in this city and are looking to travel, you would be grateful for the options you have open in front of you. That is how well maintained the transport system is in the city. It caters to all its citizens, from the wealthy to the poor. Some of the best ways through which the city is connected are –

Local trains

These local trains are called as the lifeline of Mumbai. Approximately 2.64 billion people travel in these every year. Almost the entire city is connected through these local trains. Every person who had lived in this city, would surely have used this mode of transport atleast once. The entire suburban railway system is basically divided into 3 different paths called, the western lines, the central line and the harbour line, connecting different places. Very recently Mumbai welcomed its first metro rail as well. This also undoubtedly the cheapest and the fastest means of transport. Just be ready to face a amazingly large number of co-passengers.

BEST undertaking – local buses

BEST is the name given to the government buses that ply on the roads of Mumbai. This is maintained and run by the state government of Maharashtra. The bus service is named after its parent body Brihanmumbai Electric supply and Transport Undertaking. This is Mumbai’s current mass public transport system on road. All the suburban as well as the major localities of the city are connected through this system. It not only connects these localities but also few other neighbourhood cities. The government offers different varieties of buses, ranging from AC Volvos, luxury buses, semi deluxe and deluxe buses at different rates.


More than enough movies have iconized the Bombay taxi wallahs. Black and yellow taxis, plying on the roads define the city. You can find some of the most friendly and kind hearted drivers, who will drive you along the city for a very reasonable cost. The meter system is followed by most of them. Taxis were first introduced in 1911 as a complement to the rickshawalas. There are many different kinds of taxies including –

Silver-Green taxis run by Meru and Yellow-Red by Gold cabs and Black by Mega cabs.
Blue and silver air conditioned metered taxis known as Cool Cabs
Some private taxi operators provide yellow number plate cars for transportation.

Auto rickshaws

As like any other city and town in India. Auto rickshaws are a very common mode of transport in Mumbai as well. Although, not as inexpensive as rail and buses, the autos are pretty cheap, especially compared to other metro cities in India. Easily available on the streets, they ply on almost all roads up until the locality Sion, beyond which autos are not allowed to the south. Like most people in the city, you can find the friendliest of people as your auto driver. Though sometimes, few of them mouth quote prices, slightly higher than is acceptable, most of the times, you are sure to find most of them agreeing to go by the meter.

Cars and bikes

Off late, with the advent of newer phenomenon of renting vehicles for personal use, people are open to more choices than ever before. Mumbai has seen a lot of this culture grow on its people, where in, you can hire a car or rent a bike, on either daily/weekly/monthly basis at minimalistic rates. If you are someone who prefers to travel at your own time and pace, then this is definitely the option for you. This is still a growing culture and is not very well established in the city. Bike rentals in Mumbai are in fact, the newest trend in the market. As new as it may be but bike rentals are here to stay.