Choosing The Right E-Liquid For Nicotine Strength

There are many important decisions when it comes to choosing a vaporizer kit. Mods, liquids, tanks, coils Vape – get this right is critical to a great experience. But the experience is useless if the device does not perform the most important task. Nicotine is the fundamental purpose of the e-cigarette, so many smokers to wean analog.

Unfortunately, this is an area where many vapers make mistakes. Underestimating the necessary facilities nicotine cravings will not be extinguished completely. As a result, you may find again the seriousness of cigarettes; However, this is not a problem with the device, but not a human error. Better yet, it can be easily fixed by increasing the nicotine content or opt for different types of e-juice.

The choice of the amount of nicotine is not difficult. All it requires an investigation and possibly trial and error.

Establish its smoking rate

Some of us are honest with ourselves about our smoking habits, while others may underestimate the degree. What some consider to be “very smoky” it could be interpreted by others as “light” or “moderate”. But these are just words, and the problem with words is that they are not measurable. The first step in determining the appropriate percentage of nicotine is to accurately determine their daily cigarette consumption. For the sake of argument, let’s divide the appropriate level of smoke, but attaching a number of clarifications.

An important consideration is that brands of cigarettes vary in terms of nicotine content. Some highly concentrated or mixed with large amounts of highly addictive nicotine “freebase” (Marlboro topped charts 10%). Therefore, even if you only smoke a few cigarettes per day, the amount of nicotine that you take in which you can put to a new level. Remember this when e-liquid does not do the trick.

Light Smoke (1-10 cigarettes per day)

As a light smoker, which is clearly in the best position for smokers Media (11 to 25 cigarettes per day). It weans themselves from nicotine will not be long (assuming you choose to do so). That said, a good starting point is between 3-6mg (0.3% -0.6%). In most cases, 6 mg (0.6%) was more than I adequate, but again, this is a case by case basis. There is no law that says it is not up if necessary.

If you smoke half a pack a day package, then it is safe to say that you are moderate or moderate to the severe smoker. In this case, 12 mg (1.2%) is the absolute minimum for testing. If you find that 12 is not enough (especially if your daily intake at or slightly below the package), there are 18 mg (1.8%) options too.

Heavy smoking (26-40 cigarettes per day)

Once you exceed the mark of a package the day, it is safe to say that this is an area of ​​heavy smoking. Many smokers find that the selection of 18 mg works well at this time. Again, however, the strength of the brand can make a big difference. If so, the next step is 24 mg (2.4%).
Very heavy (40-50 + cigarettes per day)

If you burn through about two packs a day, then we are certainly glad to have you VAPING considered as a viable option for nicotine replacement; However, this also means you need a good dose is high. Several 24mg may work for some. Otherwise, 36 mg (3.6%) of e-liquid available; the cutoff for most e-liquids however are usually standard in 24 mg. Not all brands of as high as 36, but they are there.

Do not despair, though. If you need more nicotine, choose a liquid made with nicotine salt. This variation is almost as hard as conventional e-liquid but can be quite high. In fact, it is not uncommon that strike 50 mg (5.0%), intense. Many former smokers say that salt makes a big difference, giving a “hit” or “hit” the usual e-liquid does not deliver. Make sure you use a cheap, simple vaporizer pen. These products are not intended to complex devices sub-ohms.
Light to moderate smokers should absolutely avoid nicotine salt. While nicotine itself is not as toxic as other chemicals in cigarettes, the effect is much like caffeine. Too much nicotine can do things such as accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea – to name a few. Not to mention that increasing the dose of nicotine inhibits order to stop relying on drugs.

the vaporizer selection

Once you know your levels of nicotine, it is important to briefly mention the type of device. The lower your nicotine, the more options you have.

vape pens

A vape pen is a small device intended for e-liquids containing 12 mg or more. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Pena is the cheapest product available. They are also very easy to fill and use. Some even come with preloaded cartridges or designed exclusively with salt nicotine in mind. e-juice that is cheap with many flavors. The pen is also very thoughtful, produces little steam.


The news became light smokers is not only better for the lungs – but also opens up a whole range of new options. The liquid containing 6 mg or less available for both simple and sophisticated devices mods.

“Sub-ohm” refers to the level of electrical resistance in the vaporizer, applying anything less than 1.0 ohm. More energy is directed to the coil, allowing a greater number of e-juice to evaporates. other technical aspects, this device can use highly sophisticated tanks, in turn, are compatible with the “raw” e-juice containing high levels of vegetable glycerine (VG). This material allows a large cloud and offers plenty of smooth vaping experience.

However, the large amount of production means that the cloud juice runs out quickly. Many vaporize nicotine in each puff, so it will be above 12 mg or intolerably strong.

Note that the vaping most advanced sub-ohm, so it is always wise to start slowly. In fact, a local spray shop can easily provide you a quick tutorial, and we have a lot of great resources online to tell you everything you need to know about vaping sub-ohms.
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