FB group carries out plantation programme

 IMPHAL, April 25 – ‘LeTz pAiNt tHe EaRtH gReEn,’ the popular Facebook group of young professionals working in diverse fields conducted a community based plantation programme in and around Ima Khunthokhanbi complex at Thangmeiband here on Sunday.

The Facebook group this time teamed up with Ima Ibemma Khunthokhanbi Thougal Marup (IIKTM), a local body, to carry out the plantation programme.

The Sunday’s event is the fifth plantation programme since its maiden plantation drive at Tumuyon Khullen (Senapati) on June 4 last year.

Silent sit-in: A group of concerned citizens of Manipur, mostly young women on Sunday staged a silent protest demonstration against the April 14 gangrape of three schoolgirls recently.

Source : http://assamtribune.com