How is life of a girl at NIT Silchar?

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    Ok, I am gonna answer it.

    Don’t get confused! I am a boy.

    Also, I do not have a girlfriend in NITS who will answer it for me (well, I am not that damn lucky to have one!). I will share what I have observed so far as a layman.

    Campus life of a girl is not very different from a guy. They enjoy the same facilities like boys but their are certain points that are worth mentioning.

    I need not to explain the pathetic sex ratio in NITs/IITs. This somehow comes out as an advantage (disadvantage many times) for girls.

    We have 3 girl’s hostels with proper security. The in timings for 1st years is 7:30 pm and around 8–9 pm for seniors. They never have a power cut like boy’s hostels. I don’t know about the atmosphere inside the hostel but it seems great as evident from their friendly relations with each other.
    I don’t know if it’s any unspoken rule of Almighty or what but every girl scores more than their contemporary boys. Workshops, labs are a cakewalk for them. (Although I agree girls have to do much more hard work than boys and majority of them score good because they are good in academics but exceptions are always there!)
    For first years, it is compulsory to wear kurta during first month of college.
    It is compulsory for first years to take part in all the events being organised owing to the less no. of girls in college.
    You will find too many guys hitting on a single girl. (Irrespective of the branch and year).
    They are provided with bus facility from hostel to gallery. (Boys too have this facility but only for two hostels which are very far).
    They have washing machine and gym facility inside their hostel.
    They have better food than boys. (I am not saying that their food is great but atleast better than boy’s hostels. People may have different opinion, no offense!).
    If a girl asks for help, you will find all the ‘good hearted’ guys volunteering but being a guy if you need help, you have to be lucky enough.
    Boys can go to any boys hostel’s canteen, this is where girls are at a loss they cannot go to any boys hostel’s canteen.
    Boys make many memories during nightouts but again, girls are at a loss here.
    People here at NITS are great. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, you will be treated with equal love, affection and support.

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