Incessant rain causes water logging in Silchar

From Our Correspondent 
Silchar, March 30: Incessant rain since last night has caused water logging in various parts of the town. A number of lanes, by-lanes, streets and vital points of the town have been submerged under water. This is not new to both the residents and road users of Silchar. Due to the heavy downpour, areas of Shillongpatty, Rangirkhari and Link Road, Sonai Road, National Highway point, C R Avenue, Malugram, College Road, Subhash Nagar and Satsang Ashram Road gets submerged under water which causes trouble for the users of the road. Stagnated areas at Shillongpatty and Das Colony point is a common sight during the monsoons. Heavy rains triggering water logging is a common phenomenon.
Vehicles users were seen splashing water on all sides while crossing the submerged areas. Commuters were trying hard to keep their feet dry by walking on the footpath. It should be mentioned here that water logging usually leads to a host of problems related to spreading of diseases and heap of stinking garbage. It can be seen that dirty and filthy drain water is mixed up with rainwater which further accentuates the problem. It becomes difficult to cross such areas on foot. If drainage system is not improved at the earliest then denizens will have to face the problem of water logging for a long time.
This problem should be mitigated as soon as possible as road users have to face problems during monsoons. People have to reel under water logged areas and they find it difficult to even come out from their respective houses. Residents of the town are well aware about the sight of mini-floods in Silchar during rainy season. It is high time that this issue should be addressed as soon as possible. It is sad and disheartening to note that the age-old problem of water logging has not been solved yet.

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