India steps up vigil along borders to thwart Rohingya influx

 GUWAHATI, Oct 10 – Though the border guarding forces of India are on the alert to prevent possible influx of Rohingyas into the country, the security agencies are not apprehending large scale influx into the country and the refugees in Bangladesh are also kept in strict surveillance so that they cannot move around in large numbers.Security sources told The Assam Tribune that in the wake of large scale exodus of Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh, the border guarding forces of India are on the alert. Sources pointed out that from the location of the Rohingyas, it would be difficult for them to enter India through the India-Myanmar border. But the Assam Rifles personnel, deployed for guarding the border, are kept on the alert as the Government is not keen on taking any chance.

There is a possibility of Rohingyas in smaller numbers trying to sneak into India from Bangladesh and the Border Security Force (BSF) men are on the alert to prevent any such move. The vulnerable locations along the international border have been identified and patrolling in such areas has been intensified, sources said.

Sources said that as there is no Rohingya settlement in Assam, even if some of them manage to sneak into India, they would try to move to the areas where they have settlements. According to an estimate there are around 40,000 Rohingyas in India and most of them are staying in the settlements in Northern part of the country. Sources said that there are 33 Rohingyas in the detention camps in Assam. But they were not trying to stay in Assam and only took advantage of the porous international border to sneak into Assam to move into other parts of the country where there are Rohingya settlements.

More than five lakh Rohingyas managed to sneak into Bangladesh from Myanmar since August, which has also posed a security threat to Bangladesh. India has made its stand clear on the issue and asserted that Rohingyas would not be allowed to come into the country. However, on humanitarian ground, India has sent relief to Bangladesh to deal with the massive exodus.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that at least two militant outfits of the Rohingyas were operating in Myanmar. Sources said that the Aakan Rohingya Salvation Army was the first such outfit to be formed, and later, another outfit Aka Mul Mujahideen emerged. It is reported that members of the outfits were trained by Pakistan based terrorist outfits. The massive crackdown on the Rohingyas in Myanmar started after the outfits started attacking the security forces of that country.

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