Louis Berger assures cooperation in probe

 GUWAHATI, Oct 10 – American company Louis Berger has asserted that it would fully cooperate with the Indian officials engaged in the investigation regarding involvement of some of its officials in bribery scams in Assam and Goa.In a statement, Louis Berger said that it had “self-reported Assam issues under a comprehensive company-led anti-corruption campaign.” The company asserted that it would fully cooperate with the Indian investigation agencies as it did in the United States.

The statement said that as a result of the company’s own internal anti-corruption investigations, Louis Berger uncovered improper payments made in 2010 and prior by former managers who were later separated from the company. “As a US company, we voluntarily reported these issues to the US Department of Justice and supported their investigations, finally resulting in a settlement with the US government in 2015,” it said.

The US government stated in their own press release that Louis Berger self-reported the misconduct; cooperated with US authorities and conducted extensive remediation, including terminating the officers and employees responsible for the corrupt payments; and demonstrated a commitment to its compliance and internal controls programmes.

As a result of the company’s cooperation, the US government did not pursue prosecution, instead agreeing to defer prosecution as long as the company paid a fine and continued to meet the standards of a US government-appointed monitor. “In addition, we have committed to cooperate fully with Indian authorities in their investigations, just as we did in the United States,” the statement said.

“We have invested more than $25 million over seven years to transform Louis Berger into one of the most ethical companies in India, ranging from new management aligned with our top ethical culture, new ownership and the establishment of world-class compliance systems, policies and cultural standards. Today we are a highly ethical company with some of the most stringent internal controls and compliance measures in our industry,” the statement said.

Source : http://assamtribune.com