Miscreant allegedly grabs land and property with impunity

Silchar, March 29: Here is the story of a miscreant and his accomplishes who by force and illegally occupy the land of a library owned by Biresh Ranjan Singha. The library in question stands on the main area of G C College Road. One fine morning, the miscreant assisted by his goons entered the premises of the library by breaking open the locks and removed all the materials and books from inside and threw them outside.
 This happened in the absence of Biresh Ranjan Singha, the owner of the premises. When he came to enter his premises and found it being occupied, he raised an alarm, but was cowed down by the goons. Helpless and unable to find any help from the neighbours, he filed an FIR with the Silchar police station against the illegal land grabber identified as Subrata Das, resident of Satsang Ashram Road. But, the police maintained intriguing silence. He then sought and took the help of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Students’ Union (NBMSU) and Bishnupriya Manipuri Gana Sangram Parishad (BMGSP).
 These two organizations took up the matter with the Superintendent of Police, Cachar, for intervention and release of the premises from the land grabber. In a memorandum addressed to the SP Cachar and signed by around 70 members of both the organizations, it was stated that Subrata Das illegally and added by his goons took possession of the premises owned by Biresh Ranjan Singha. Earlier, FIR was filed with Silchar police station for getting the premises on which stands the famed ‘Sangeet Mahavidyalaya’ of Motilal Singha, a well-known exponent of Bhatkhande music. But, no action was taken.
 It was also mentioned that there have been several attempts at land and premises grabbing, but resisted by the present owner Adhir Ranjan Singha who holds the power of attorney of the land and property. Along with him are the owner of the land Biresh Ranjan Singha and his wife Biranghana Singha are senior citizens. Adhir Ranjan Singha is presently the principal of the Sangeet Mahavidyalaya after the demise of Motilal Singha. If no action is taken against the land grabber and premises vacated, the organizations apprehend a communal turn to the event resulting from the clash between the two communities. On March 25 last, the organizations held a public meeting, condemning the land grabbing and seeking the help and cooperation of all saner sections of people to resolve the issue.

Source : http://sentinelassam.com