Netanyahu faces corruption charges

 JERUSALEM, Feb 14 – In a setback to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli police have recommended his indictment in two cases of alleged corruption and breach of trust even as the beleaguered leader remained defiant and refused to step down.After a 14-month-long investigation, police announced yesterday that it found enough evidence to recommend prosecution to indict 68-year-old Netanyahu. The police accused Netanyahu of accepting nearly USD 300,000 in gifts over 10 years.

Netanyahu, the two time premier, faces prosecution in two corruption cases: a gifts-for-favours affair known as Case 1000, and a second scandal, called Case 2000, in which he is suspected of back-room dealings with Arnon Mozes, publisher of the popular newspaper Yediot Aharonot, to ensure more favourable coverage, Jerusalem Post reported.

He was chosen the Prime Minister of Israel in 2009. Previously he held the position from 1996 to 1999.

Netanyahu, however, said his government was “stable” and criticised the police investigation, which prompted calls for his resignation.

“I can reassure you that the coalition is stable. Neither me nor anyone else has plans for elections…,” he said. – PTI

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