New device innovated by Jorhat doctor to transform ear surgery

Staff Reporter
 GUWAHATI, Nov 30 – In a landmark innovation, Dr Anupam Hazarika, an ENT specialist from Jorhat, has developed a device which will enable the ENT surgeons in carrying out endoscopic inner ear surgery by using both their hands. Due to the absence of such a device, the ENT surgeons now use only one of their hands while performing endoscopic inner ear surgeries. The surgeons use their other hand to hold the endoscope constantly so as to keep constant focus on the area under operation.

Now, by using the new device, the surgeons will be able to adjust the endoscope and give better focus on the area under operation, while using both the hands to perform the surgical feat.

The invention of Dr Hazarika has been hailed by the experts and he was honoured with the 1st Runner-up Consultant Award Paper Competition at the 26th Annual Conference of The Indian Society of Otology-2017 held at Raipur recently.

Dr Hazarika presented his papers based on his invention and the procedures involved with its use, in the conference. This award has been received for the first time by a physician hailing the North-east Region of the country.

The participants in the conference also included ENT experts from foreign countries.

With the support from the Patent Information Centre of the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), Dr Hazarika has already filed his application for patenting his device. His invention has been licensed for commercial production too.

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