PWD plans instant repair of potholes

 GUWAHATI, July 31 – With prolonged inclement weather coupled with shortage of stone chips hampering repair of dilapidated roads in the State, the Public Works Department has now decided to switch over to a non-conventional method of restoring a road.

The department, in a recent emergent meeting, had decided to use ready-to-use mixture to fill potholes. The mixture is a bituminous compound that comes in bags.

Having successfully tested one such compound, the PWD has sought the government’s approval for bulk purchase of the mixture.

The decision also holds significance in view of the reported shortage of construction materials, a reason, which the PWD says, has delayed repair and restoration works in greater Guwahati area. A senior PWD official said the ready-to-use compound comes with many advantages.

“The intervention will be faster. There will be no requirement of fuel to prepare the mixture like in conventional method. Thus, there will be less pollution,” a senior PWD official told The Assam Tribune.

He said there will also be an ease in handling, carriage and execution. Besides, no additional material will be required. “Moreover, there will be no traffic disruption as the road can be put open to traffic immediately after application of the mixture. Also, no road rollers are required. You just need to beat the compound with a tool to level it,” the official said.

More importantly, the product can be used even during the rains and can be applied over a wet road surface.

The cost of the product is however much higher than the conventional work materials.

The PWD is insisting on its application as it can be utilized for quick and effective pothole repairing in wet condition. A kilogram of the mixture would come to around Rs 31.

“It will only be used during exigencies and only for pothole filling. It will be of more use during the rains,” the official said.

Initially, the PWD has sought sanction for procuring around 50MT of the compound.

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