Tihu High School playground lying in a pathetic condition

 TIHU, March 7 – The people of Tihu Subdivision have expressed their strong resentment over the pathetic condition of the Tihu High School playground situated in the middle of Tihu town. The students, youths and sport enthusiasts of the area have been using the playground since it the inception of the high school.Thousands of sportspersons of this area – who have childhood memories associated with this field – have brought laurel by participating in state, national and international-level tournaments in various events.

In order to develop the local players’ skills creating a congenial sports atmosphere in this area and seeking more active involvement of the young generation in sports, even the sports enthusiasts of Tihu have been organising a large number of tournaments and championships here at this playground like inter-district volleyball tournament, inter-district football tourney, inter-college football championship, inter-district taekwondo tourney, inter-district power-lifting competition, inter-district veteran athletics competition and Nalbari District School Tournament in a very befitting manner.

However, the people of the area said that it is a matter of great regret that at present, the condition of the most affectionate field is in horrible state due to the utter negligence of the government. During the rainy seasons, the playground goes under rain water or flood water due to lack of proper outlet.

It is worth mentioning that due to the pitiable condition of the playground, the Nalbari District Summer School Football Tourney held here every year has been shifted to Makhibaha HS School playground this time.

The condition of one of the main playgrounds speaks volumes about ‘achhe din’ of the players in the area. Though the local people have made several representations appealing the authorities concerned, it was all in vain.

However, the people of three mouzas — Namati, Tihu and Nambarbhag — and various clubs and organisations like Tihu Sports Association, Tihu Anchalik Students’ Union, Assam Yuba Chatra Parishad and many other organisations of this locality have again urged the Chief Minister and the Sports Minister of the State to take necessary steps for upgrading the playground.

Source : http://assamtribune.com