Ukilpatty residents face garbage, open defecation problem

SILCHAR, March 18: It is a contrasting picture of the once most known residential area in the central part of this town, Ukilpatty. Against the concerted and systematic campaign for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, this residential area has become a dumping ground for garbage and wastes. The residents walk through the road with handkerchief in their noses to dispel the abominable smell from the heaped refuses around. The open drainage has become a place for defecation for the people of all ages, flocking to the Central Road areas for their various needs.
 The Silchar Municipal Board, Silchar Development Authority and Town and Country Planning Department which are supposed to work in coordination for the scientific planning of the town seem to be in different minds. Even after 70 years of independence, this historical and revolutionary town has no provision of toilets, well designed drainage system as well as dustbins placed at proper places for disposal of the wastes which are mainly dumped in open from the individual houses and commercial shops. What is most obnoxious is the open defecation and the women folk in general find themselves in an embarrassing situation.
 As the traffic congestion and the lack of parking places in the town are becoming critical due to ever growing population and vehicles, the peaceful Ukilpatty has now been facing yet another problem of illegal parking. Silchar Municipal Board has presently four supervisors to monitor the civic facilities around the town, but their presence is hardly felt. With illegal parking assuming a nuisance, the residents of this avenue find it difficult to walk and commute. This has become a daily feature. Moreover, a narrow Ukilpatty lane seems to bear the brunt of ever spilling over of traffic jam.
Ukilpatty has its own story of pride. It was at the residence of Rukmini Das, the then chairman of Silchar Municipal Board, that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose visited in 1938 and the historic photograph could still be seen. Just nearby is Chanda Bhawan of the eminent freedom fighter Kamini Kumar Chanda in whose drawing room Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru sat to discuss the plan to spread the message of freedom movement.
 It is sad that the historical Chanda Bhawan has now been converted into a commercial complex. Along with that the ever increasing pollution of all sorts, this Ukilpatty with its rich heritage has become just a replica of its glorious past. Will the district administration and Silchar Municipal Board listen to the cries and woes of the residents of Ukilpatty?

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